Star Maker

SSA choir, Semi Chorus SSA, Treble Solo and Organ

Star Maker, composed in December 2007, is a choral setting of the poem “Emmanuel” by New Zealand poet Joy Cowley. Cowley, a devout Catholic, wrote the poem to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Meg took her poem as inspiration for a choral work that captures the essence of the religious celebration and promise of hope that comes with Christmas. However, the composition aims to be just as accessible to non-Christians as it is to those who believe in the Christian God. For this reason, a range of traditional religious music methods are combined with the more secular experimental music techniques to create a truly original work that can be viewed by both audiences as a celebration of creation – be it evolutionary or divine. 

To read more about Star Maker click on the link: Star Maker

Megan entered the work in the SOUNZ/Big Sing Choral Composition Competition in 2008, it was awarded runner up.

Star Maker was premiered by ‘The Seraphim Choir’ of Chilton St James School, in Lower Hutt (NZ), in March 2008. Joy Cowley attended the premiere performance.

Star Maker was never recorded in its entirety, but a rehearsal version was made to assist the high school students in learning the challenging work. This will be available to hear, soon.