SATB with SSAB solos

Kyrie was commissioned by Melbourne chamber choir ‘Hallelujah Junction’ for their premiere concert on 23 March 2013. A Lenten inspired work filled with the emotion of the Passion of Christ, the music narrates the insecurities and fear of Christ through his journey from Crucifixion to Resurrection. Beginning with the sorrowful prayer to God in the garden of Gethsemane in mind, the work echoes Jesus’ call for mercy. Initially pleading, and full of fear, the music moves through some of the stages of grief as Jesus’ eventual crucifixion unfolds – denial, pain and guilt, anger, reflection and loneliness. The work concludes with an upwards turn as the final stages of grief come into play, symbolising the resurrection of Christ – acceptance and hope. “Kyrie eleison”, or “Lord have mercy” becomes a pleading prayer no longer for Jesus himself, but a prayer for humanity as the true purpose of the Crucifixion – to sacrifice himself for us – is revealed.

Kyrie is based on Meg’s earlier work ‘Popule Meus’.

The premiere concert celebrated Passiontide and Easter with an inspiring collection of ancient and modern choral music – including the specially commissioned work.